rca guesthouse tower
location: bend, oregon year: 2014 size: 1,400sf status: unbuilt

This small, playful guesthouse was designed simultaneously as a retreat for the clients’ extended family, and as a nightly rent-able vacation property when not occupied by family guests. Accordingly, the program is cabinlike, perhaps more related to a bunkhouse or mountain hut than a traditional single-family home. 

Situated on a rocky, steep clearing on a remote portion of a large ranch property outside of Bend, the guesthouse tower is first approached from above, where guests are welcomed by two steel-clad abstract volumes that seem to emerge directly from the landscape. Upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that a lower level exists, embedded into the hillside, which serves as the connector between the two polygonal masses, and which houses the ‘public’ living functions. 

Sleeping accommodations for six unfold along three levels of the north tower, with each level comprised of a single open space with just enough room for a bed and a side table or desk. Each level of the sleeping tower features a vastly different character of light and space from the next, thanks to dramatic picture windows oriented to frame specific views from each floor.