rca guesthouse wall
location: bend, oregon year: 2014 size: 1,200sf status: unbuilt

This vacation getaway was proposed as a second freestanding guesthouse retreat for friends and family on a large ranch property in Tumalo. Located in a clearing on a moderately-sloping site with views to the cascade mountains, the Wall House was designed from the outset as nuanced response to a sublime landscape, in which permanent marks are made on the site to prepare for a lightweight, rapidly deployable structure to follow. A long concrete retaining wall forms a literal spine organizing the project and its outdoor spaces. Plugging-in to the site wall is a two-story wood and glass structure whose compact form sits lightly on the landscape and is accessed via a raised ‘bridge’. 

The entry sequence begins far uphill, where a gravel parking area gives way to stone pathway and finally to a raised boardwalk leading to the home’s entry. From this vantage point, the home presents itself as a single story linear volume clad entirely in blackened cedar siding. Only upon arrival into the space does it become apparent that a lower story exists, tucked into the hillside below. As one descends, the concrete spine wall re-emerges on the interior, serving as an organizing element that extends out into the landscape at either end of the structure. Interior spaces are restrained and minimal, recalling the nordic shelters and backcountry huts that served as inspiration for the design.

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