tetherow skene trail residence (in collaboration with Eric Meglasson Architect)
location: bend, oregon year: 2018 size: 3,800sf status: in design

The Skene Trail Residence is located on a cross-sloping site in the high desert resort community of Tetherow, just west of Bend, Oregon. This private family home is large yet not imposing, thanks to the careful terracing and layering afforded by a nuanced approach to building on the steep downhill site.  A series of plaster site walls frames courtyards with varying degrees of privacy and protection from the elements - a vital necessity for a site such as this one, sitting open in a beautiful but harsh landscape.

With careful planning, we’ve organized the internal program of the home around a number of tailored indoor-outdoor spaces, each tuned to a particular set of seasonal conditions to optimize year-round engagement with the outdoors; examples include an east-facing breakfast terrace enclosed on three sides and open to the sky - ideal for soaking in sunshine while blocking the wind on crisp fall mornings, or the expansive terraced west patios featuring deep overhangs and integrated heaters that help to counter the elements while enjoying brilliant evening sunsets beyond the mountains to the west.

By nature of the downhill-aspect of the site, this home’s elegant low-slung roof lines provide an architectural expression of lightness floating above a tough, solid base of concrete and stone. Clear-stained cedar and expansive glazing fill-in between these complementary stepping planes. In key areas, the metal-clad roof planes fold-down to meet the ground, while in other areas the massive site walls climb up to nearly reach the roof-scape, leading to a compelling tension between lightness and mass.

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