tetherow outrider loop residence #1
location: bend, oregon year: 2015 size: 2,100sf status: complete

This is the first of several small ‘custom-ish’ homes designed by Lightfoot A+D and built by Timberline Construction along the rimrock above Century Drive in the Tetherow resort neighborhood just outside of Bend. Each home has been conceived as an ideal mountain-modern vacation property for out-of-town families focused on the adventure lifestyle to be sought and found in profusion in Central Oregon. Accordingly, a heavy emphasis has been placed on the informal living and entertaining ability of the home, with a particular focus on indoor-outdoor connectivity. Bedrooms and back-of-house functions are small and straightforward in order to keep the footprint of the home as compact as possible.

This 2,100sf vacation home was designed as a collection of parallel ‘thick walls’, with open functional areas between. The resulting plan is highly transparent from front to back while offering layers of privacy to and from the neighboring properties on either side. Entry to the home is via an axial glass corridor, offering views through to the rear patio and treetops of the canyon beyond, without sacrificing privacy. The design of “public” areas of the home eschews the popular ‘great room’ approach (in which a single large volume hosts several types of spaces indiscriminately), instead opting for a more nuanced exploration into the character of each space. The kitchen is flooded with natural light thanks to large windows on three sides and a huge skylight above the island, while the family living area is more den-like and intimate in scale and quality. The dining area becomes a focal point, with tall ceilings and sliding glass doors which open out onto a sun-filled south patio, effectively blurring the boundaries of inside and out. 

The simple formal vocabulary draws reference to vernacular farm buildings, and is supported by straightforward detailing and a robust but evocative material palette consisting of stained cedar, metal standing seam panels, and painted fiber cement.

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