tetherow outrider loop residence #2
location: bend, oregon year: 2015 size: 2,100sf status: complete

This is the second of several small ‘custom-ish’ homes designed by Lightfoot A+D and built by Timberline Construction along the rimrock above Century Drive in the Tetherow resort neighborhood just outside of Bend. Each home has been conceived as an ideal mountain-modern vacation property for out-of-town families focused on the adventure lifestyle to be sought and found in profusion in Central Oregon. Accordingly, a heavy emphasis has been placed on the informal living and entertaining ability of the home, with a particular focus on indoor-outdoor connectivity. Bedrooms and back-of-house functions are small and straightforward in order to keep the footprint of the home as compact as possible. 

A simple three-part plan has been devised, with long bars of program cradling either side of a protected rear courtyard space with exposure to ample south-facing sun and forest views across the Century Drive corridor beyond. Each ‘bar’ of space has been physically separated from the next via lantern-like glass portals. As a result, a sense of literal transparency through the home can be achieved without sacrificing privacy for the occupants.

The material palette is simple, humble, and robust - comprised of stained cedar, standing seam metal, and painted fiber cement panels. The incredibly durable standing seam metal roof has been wrapped-down onto west-facing walls, where the weather, wind, and UV exposure are at the most extreme. Conversely, stained-cedar boards are deployed sparingly in the more protected areas, providing a sense of tactility and warmth to the touch.