tetherow outrider loop residence #3
location: bend, oregon year: 2016 size: 2,200sf status: unbuilt

This is the third of several small ‘custom-ish’ homes designed by Lightfoot A+D to be built by Timberline Construction along the rimrock above Century Drive in the Tetherow resort neighborhood just outside of Bend. Each home has been conceived as an ideal mountain-modern vacation property for out-of-town families focused on the adventure lifestyle to be sought and found in profusion in Central Oregon. Accordingly, a heavy emphasis has been placed on the informal living and entertaining ability of the home, with a particular focus on indoor-outdoor connectivity. Bedrooms and back-of-house functions are small and straightforward in order to keep the footprint of the home as compact as possible.

This 2,200sf vacation home was designed around a central nucleus space occupied by the dining area and kitchen, which open onto a near-continuous south-facing covered patio. Wings to either side, containing the master suite, garage, and living room, extend rearward to bracket the central patio space thus protecting it from inclement weather and helping to screen views to neighboring properties. A pop-up second story containing two small bedrooms and a den capture oblique mountain views. Hard wearing materials are deployed throughout, including standing seam metal panels, painted fiber cement, and clear-stained cedar.