summerhouse P
location: bend, oregon year: 2019 size: 1,900sf status: in design

The single-story layout of this ‘home-away-from-home’ was derived as a counterpoint to the clients’ existing tower-like home in Portland. Here, the young family can spread out and entertain friends and family in ways that their primary home cannot easily support. 

Two simple extruded gable volumes (one for sleeping areas and one for the main living areas) are separated and reconnected by a flat roof link, which in turn enfolds the garage, entry area, and outdoor terraces under a single plane. The two restrained, minimalist gabled forms are skewed and rotated from one another to take advantage of available views, solar exposure, and to frame a generous rear yard that steps downhill to the southwest. 

Internally, the home is organized along four terraced levels that closely match the existing site topography, helping to balance cut-and-fill during construction, while also accommodating on-grade access to outdoor patios from key spaces. The combined living and dining room flows out onto a large west-facing terrace, which in turn transitions to lawn and then an edge of screening trees to help filter views to neighboring properties. Sleeping areas and back-of-house program are organized uphill in a bar stretching along the East-West axis, affording optimal solar exposure. 

From the street, the character of the home is low, sleek, and humble, accented by the two steeply-pitched forms protruding above a flat roof datum. At the rear, the composition is much more playful, wherein the gabled forms begin to decouple from the interior program as they unfold to provide shade and shelter for large south-facing windows and stepped landscape terraces.